Equipping professionals and entrepreneurs for influence in the city / society

To make the blessing of God’s Kingdom tangible and available in the nooks and crannies of society, it is vital that leaders of influence are equipped and encouraged to play an important role in this.

That is why ACCL offers from September 2020 a unique training for entrepreneurs and professionals, aimed at integrating calling, faith, and work. It is intended for entrepreneurs and business professionals who desire to use their gifts, talents, and influence to the glory of God and to be used for the impact of the Kingdom of God in society/city. This program facilitates a 9-month process of development in understanding the personal purpose/calling and mission and how to translate it into all aspects of life, including work/business and in the vision for their city.

Lifework Leadership was developed in the US and has long proven itself as a life-changing training for leaders in society. The City Changers movement has rolled out the program internationally and is working with Urban Life and ACCL to offer this now in Amsterdam.

During the training, leadership principles and inspiration are taken from the life of Jesus and that of the apostle Paul. Case studies are also discussed and speakers from the Netherlands and abroad share their own lives and experience.

One of the most powerful parts of this training is meeting with a cohort of like-minded Christian social leaders and entrepreneurs along with a number of church leaders, interacting and sharing. This creates lasting friendships and builds a tight network of leaders of influence and vision for the city.

For more information see the Lifework leadership Amsterdam website

Or write an email to p.brinksma@gmail.com