neth-flagWhat is the Amsterdam City Consultation?

The consultation is a unique two-day meeting of all the leaders of churches, organizations, and ministries in Amsterdam, who are inspired by Christ to reach the city, to serve and desire for more impact Kingdom of God in the city. It is an initiative of the Amsterdam Council of Christian Leaders (ACCL).

During the consultation results of the research into the impact of the Body of Christ are presented in the city. Also, moments of inspiration, talks, roundtable discussions and seminars on topics related to:

  • Knowing the city
  • Loving the city
  • Serving the city
  • Impacting the city

Hope, inspiration, learning and sharing

This is an ideal opportunity to learn from each other and to discover what God has already done in the city, where and how the church organism is blessing the city. But also to share insights: what are the biggest challenges, how the body of Christ may be stronger through exchange, cooperation, encouragement, and training.


The purpose of the consultation is to mobilize, inspire and facilitate a unified movement of the body of Christ to be a blessing influence in the city. The desire is that this will lead to:

  • A clear vision of the Kingdom of God in the context of Amsterdam.
  • Making more disciples of Christ from all population of the city and the foundation of thriving communities.
  • An increase in the range of relevant ministries and activities that reach out from the love and power of the Kingdom to the needs of the Amsterdam and harnessing opportunities for increased prosperity of the city.


The consultation will be held on Friday, April 7th from 2:00 p.m. to 21:00 pm and on Saturday, April 8 from 10:00 to 17:00. The format consists of speeches, round-table discussions, short talks, seminars, prayer and drawing conclusions. There are in addition to the ACCL members several leaders from different sectors, ministries and religious backgrounds who share their experiences, insights, and challenges. On a-plattboth days pastor Alan Platt will inspire us with his passion for the heart of God for cities. He has been involved in impact-full city movements in several continents.
On Friday, the focus will be on the vision of the city and the analysis of the culture, needs, and opportunities of the city and the calling of the Church for the city.
On Saturday the focus will be on the current impact of the Church on the city, sharing experiences and challenges for the future. This will be concluded with the question: what will be our common priority in the next five years. And what steps can we take towards seeing these priorities realized?

Click HERE for more information on speakers and the program.


Participants prices for the two-day consultation are:

  • 50 Euros per person, for two days including dinner (Friday) and lunch (Sat), coffee, tea, and materials.
  • 35 Euros per person, for leaders who have submitted a research survey on behalf of their church, ministry or organization (click here for terms and details)

Participants prices for those who attend only 1 day (Friday or Saturday):

  • 29 Euros per person for a day including dinner (Friday) or lunch (Sat) and including coffee, tea and materials.
  • 20 Euros per person, for leaders who have submitted a research survey on behalf of their church, ministry or organization (click here for terms and details)

If you would want to participate in order to represent your church, ministry or organization, but the costs are a real problem, please contact us. We want to explore with you what is possible to enable your participation: please click here to contact us. 


The consultation will be in the building of the “Rots gemeente”.
Paasheuvelweg 36-38
1105 BJ, Amsterdam

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