Research Discount Information:

This discount is only for those who have l and submitted an ACCL research survey on behalf of a church, organization or operation in the city (fully completed). You have at the end of this survey received a discount code. Under the heading registration, you will find tickets for the consultation. Choose one of the two tickets under the heading ‘Research discount ticket”. You can choose from a ticket for one or two days. After your ticket has selected you are prompted for a code, enter the code you received when completing the survey in. 


 The right to discount is only valid for one person on behalf of the church, organization or service for which a survey is completed. The discount is not transferable to others outside the organization. Do not make the code public or do not pass it on to third parties. The use of the discount if the survey is not valid entirely completed.

The ACCL will monitor the correct use of the code. If used improperly, ACCL has the right to demand the full ticket price. Go back to the consultation website: click here.