Welcome to participate in the ACCL Amsterdam City Summit 2019 neth-flag

(invited to bring your team)

October 25, 9:30 – 17:00
Location: Dominion Center, Ellermanstraat 30 1114 AK Amsterdam

For all pastors, leaders and diaconal and missional workers of churches and Christian organizations in Amsterdam, and their leadership teams.

The summit builds further on the outcomes and research of the ACCL Amsterdam consultation held in 2017. It serves the vision that the gospel of the Kingdom of God is salt and light for a secular and diverse city like Amsterdam. The goal is to encourage and facilitate leaders from churches, ministries, and organizations who have a heart for the city, to learn together, collaborate and celebrate partnering the mission of God in Amsterdam.
The Amsterdam City Summit is a place for Christian leaders in the city:

  • to see more of the overall picture of how the Gospel of Jesus Christ inspires various people, organizations, and churches to reach out, serve and pray for the city.
  • to be inspired by stories of leaders from Amsterdam and from gospel movements in other cities.
  • to learn, to
    dream and to interact about what it means to be placed in the city be the light and salt of the Kingdom of God that will touch the realities of our city with more shalom.
  • to join hands, hearts and prayers for more fruitfulness and blessing in Amsterdam in the coming years. 

Two focus areas of this year: 1) contextualizing the gospel and 2) alleviating severe loneliness

The leaders gathered at the ACCL consultation in 2019 agreed that, based on the presented research of the city, loneliness(11% of Amsterdam indicates very severe loneliness and over 30% suffers from loneliness) and alienation from God/ the gospel of Jesus Christ (less than 3,5% is actively connected to a church) are on the top of the list of social and spiritual brokenness. The summit will focus on how the body of Christ in Amsterdam can become an instrument of restoration, especially in these two areas.
 1) how can we contextualize and communicate the good news of the Gospel to the various (sub) cultures in the city, to help more people to become followers of Jesus?
2) how can we help people to get connected and build meaningful relationships with others to alleviate severe loneliness in Amsterdam? 

Keynote speaker: Dr. Johannes Reimer

The main speaker of the summit is dr. Johannes Reimer, author of “Die Welt Umarmen” and other books

Dr. Johannes Reimer was born in the former Soviet Union and during where he became a believer. In 1976, he moved to Germany and studied theology in Wiedenest Hamburg and Fresno (USA), He became pastor, founded the missions organization LOGOS International with a focus on Eastern Europe.  In 1995, he gained his Doctor of Theology and was called to be Professor of Missiology at the UNISA (South Africa). Johannes has a big heart for church planting and cultural reformation. He has written more than 20 books and a variety of articles. He chairs The Network for Education and Research in Europe (GBFE).

The Summit Program

The program includes keynotes, talks, interviews and roundtable discussions. There are several contributors from Amsterdam, and other cities (including the UK). A global outline of the Summit Program:

Location, costs, and registration

The location is:  Dominion Center, Ellermanstraat 30 1114 AK Amsterdam

The costs of the summit are 30,— Euro/pp, including lunch and materials


Also welcome at the ACCL Amsterdam Fellowship Dinner on Oct 25 in the evening. It is free of charge! Click here for info and registration.

We look forward to meeting you on October 25!