The Amsterdam23 conference will take place in our city from 21 to 24 June

A unique conference will take place in Amsterdam from 21 to 24 June: the Empowered21 Amsterdam23 event
Empowered21 is a very broad global coalition and partnership of many leaders of Christian denominations, organizations, and movements, with the aim of working together in the great commission. Amsterdam23:

EMPOWERD21’s vision:

That every person on earth would have an authentic encounter with Jesus Christ through the work and power of the Holy Spirit in the next decade.

Its mission is to be a platform that helps shape the movement it takes by focusing on issues facing the movement and connecting generations for the blessing of intergenerational collaboration and transmission.

What can this vision mean for Amsterdam?

As Christians in Amsterdam, we share the desire that every inhabitant of the city should meet and get to know Jesus. Looking at the current reality, where it is estimated that only 3-4% of residents are actively involved in a church or Christian community, we can use all the impulses of hope, inspiration, strategy, and help. As representatives of networks and churches in the city, we believe that Amsterdam23 is not an event that happens to be held in our city, but that it can be a blessing and catalyzing moment for an ongoing movement of missionary fruit in the city. It is not only about a focus on a conference but about working together in a movement of missionary growth in the coming years.

What will happen from June 21-24?

First of all, the 21 – 23 June is a conference in the RAI where 5000 – 7000 Christian leaders, evangelists, and missionaries from all parts of the world are expected. The program offers inspiration, exchange, and interaction on collaboration, strategy, and innovation for fruitful evangelism in the coming decade through workshops and numerous roundtables. Registreer:

On Saturday, June 24 there will be a day of outreach where thousands of conference participants and believers from the Netherlands will be mobilized in Amsterdam. In the afternoon and evening, there will be an event in the Olympic stadium, where thousands of people, believers, and non-believers, are expected in addition to the conference participants. Registreer gratis:

How can this be valuable to us in Amsterdam?

We need all the inspiration, wisdom, and strategy possible to overcome the enormous challenge of introducing people in Amsterdam to Jesus and His Kingdom. That is why we invite all leaders of the body of Christ who want to learn more about this to participate in the conference in the RAI. We will also have round table talks for Amsterdam participants in the program where we can talk about what we have received from the conference and how we can apply it in our city.

The fact that so many passionate Christians are coming to Amsterdam, who also want to reach out to the people of Amsterdam, gives an opportunity to let the whole city experience the love of Christ on June 24, by helping to shape the day of outreach and the momentum to continue in the coming years to find ways to give Amsterdammers (again) the chance to get to know Jesus.

TRAINING: How can we prepare?

This preparation is not just for the Amsterdam23 event but has an effect that is very precious to us as the body of Christ in the city.

Various pieces of training will be offered for Amsterdam Christians to be trained to share their testimony and their faith with others, combined with prayer evenings for the city. Training available so far:

Training will also be available for aftercare for new believers, or seekers. As a church / community, how can you be a place where new believers can be welcomed and supported in further learning to discover what the gospel is, and how they can follow Jesus and be embedded in the faith community? More dates and information about the training courses coming soon.

OUTREACH Amsterdam23 on June 24: Christ’s love is visible and tangible everywhere in the city

From approximately 2:00 pm a major event will take place in the Olympic stadium. The afternoon will be focused on inspiring members of churches for sharing the gospel.  The evening program will have an evangelistic character, people from the city are invited to come and hear testimonies, etc.

In the morning and early afternoon there will be two types of outreach take place:

  • Dozens of groups of conference participants supplemented with believers from the city and the country will be present in various locations in the city, to pray for the city, have conversations with people, show the love of Christ, and when wanted pray for people and invite people to the Olympic stadium event in the evening. The groups function under the leadership of local (Amsterdam / Netherlands) coordinators who know the way in Amsterdam and the local culture.
  • Churches / Christian organizations in Amsterdam can organize activities in the morning and early afternoon that suit their way of missionary outreach and that can make use of the help of many available participants in Amsterdam23 from all regions of the world. You can think of distributing food, children’s toys, clothing, sports with young people, children-youth events, stage outreach, cleaning the neighborhood, neighborhood lunch, leafleting neighborhoods for church services, conversations in the neighborhood, places where people can be prayed, etc., etc. Every (group of) church(s) can register and organize an event, and Amsterdam23 ensures that participants from Amsterdam23 come on-site to help. Churches / local organizations in Amsterdam take the initiative and do a briefing for the participants. This is a unique opportunity to commit a whole group of motivated and serving people to God’s work in the city. Our dream is that people all over the city will experience the love of Christ

Hospitable love and prayer: As Church in Amsterdam, we may welcome the unique Amsterdam23 conference of Empowered21 in our city, with our hospitality and love. First of all, we can pray for the thousands of people who come, for safe travels, God’s speaking, and blessing on their stay. We can also pray for God to speak to all participants for the next 10 years about calling, strategy, and cooperation that will help bring the Good News of the Gospel to as many people as possible in this world.

Service/volunteers: many volunteers are needed. Mobilizing volunteers for these 4 days is a great blessing for the conference organizers and for the participants.

Outreach group leaders: by recruiting and registering as many Amsterdam Christians as possible as group leaders for the morning outreach on June 24. Please register outreach leaders:

Outreach events: take the opportunity to organize a missionary event so that a range of expressions of God’s love and grace can be experienced all over Amsterdam. Please register outreach events:

Provide evangelism follow-up: people that we reach on June 24 will all be referred to churches/faith communities. Please register your church as a place for follow-up/discipleship:

Please use the links above to register your involvement.