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For years, the Amsterdam Council of Christian Leaders (ACCL) has been offering a dinner meeting for all pastors and leaders of churches and Christian organizations in Amsterdam of all denominations and backgrounds. The aim is to meet and get to know each other in a relaxed setting in the city’s diversity of the Body of Christ. It is very inspiring and encouraging to see and experience the bigger picture of the Church in Amsterdam and to stand in unity in our mission in the city.

There will be plenty of opportunities for interaction around the tables and brief updates from various networks on key developments, plans, and activities. It is a privilege for ACCL to honor and encourage everyone who works in the city to bring together those who work out of the inspiration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Cost: None – ACCL offers the dinner

The Fellowship dinner is offered to you free of charge by the ACCL. If you want to register before November 15, you can use the link below.

Programme Fellowship Dinner

17:30 Walk-in, network time

18:00 Dinner there is plenty of opportunity for personal acquaintance and interaction at the tables.

During dinner there will be short moments where something will be shared:

  • Relevant news for the church in Amsterdam and some encouraging stories from the city
  • In Memoriam: Lynette Kong Founder and Leader of Kingdom PrayerNET in Amsterdam
  • Information about two major events in 2023: Empower21 and Movementday
  • Time of prayer for each other and for the city

19:45 Coffee/tea – time for networking
20:30 End


The location for these events is: Dominion Center Ellermanstraat 30, 1114 AK, Amsterdam-Duivendrecht, (close to metro station van der Madeweg).

Who is invited?

All pastors/leaders of churches in Amsterdam and leaders who lead a Christian organization, network, or ministry in the city. For the Fellowship dinner, we welcome max. 2 pastors/leaders per church, organization, or network leader team and their spouses. we are looking forward to meeting you on Thursday 17 November.


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