We are going through a special time. Over the course of several weeks, life has changed dramatically around the world and we must fight for health and make great sacrifices that magnify vulnerabilities and wreak havoc on the economy. This shakes us as humanity on its foundations and requires reflection and rearrangement of priorities.

The crisis also has a major effect on the church – body of Christ in our city. It is not possible to come together in a church building the way we were used to for centuries, as do many other activities and ministries cannot operate in the usual way.

Prayer as a priority

One of the elements that may come out stronger than ever is prayer. Crisis teaches us to pray more, for our own concerns, fears, and vulnerabilities, but also for society, the cry comes from our hearts: Lord HELP, have mercy, deliver us …

In addition to the impulse of prayer for ourselves in crises, there is the realization that we as children of God fulfill a priestly role for the world, which is clearly a Biblical mission and which makes a difference in the city/environment in which we live.

1 Tim 2: 1-2 (NIV) First of all, I ask that all people be prayed for, that supplications, intercessions and thanksgiving be said for them. Pray for all kings and authorities, so that we can live quietly and undisturbed, in all piety and dignity.

2 Chronicles 7:14 (NIV) “and then when my people, the people that belong to me, bow their heads, prayerfully seek my presence and return from their wanderings, then I will hear it from heaven, forgive its sins and land healed. “

Unity as a priority

The side effect of a crisis like this makes it clear to us that we need each other. Walls that separate people, churches, organizations, descent, etc. are lost. We need each other.
What will be the effect of this crisis brings us together as a Church in Amsterdam in all our diversity for the good of the city and the honor of our God?

That is why we invite you, your church/congregation with all your members to participate in a city-wide virtual prayer moment on May 28, 2020 at 19:30 – 20:30.

What does it mean?

The proposal is to have a virtual time of prayer in which representatives of the full breadth of the churches/congregations in Amsterdam who have a short contribution in the form of a prayer for an aspect that is relevant to this time. These representatives are visible on the screen so that all members of the churches/congregations can log in and watch, listen, and pray can feel representate – without this being visible or audible online themselves.

We do this by organizing a ZOOM Webinar with possible lifestreaming via Facebook, where anyone who wants to can log in / watch and listen. Because representatives of all currents from the Church and networks participate, anyone who listens can find one or more individuals they know and identify with. At the same time, the entire Church is introduced to the diversity and breadth of the entire church in Amsterdam. We stand shoulder to shoulder together because of our faith in Christ and because of His mercy for the city.

Perhaps this is the most tangible expression of the entire Church in the entire city

What does the program look like?

We will make a roadmap with an introduction, a series of themes/prayer topics, and a conclusion that can be further elaborated together with representatives of churches. Each part is assigned to a representative of participating in church movements/networks.

We will also make a guideline for the participating representatives that guarantees both individuality and care for the other as much as possible. We need carefulness in our expression because it is a widely viewed expression intended as a blessing and encouragement to all.

This is ours together!

This initiative was born in a meeting of the ACCL, but it is in the hands of us together – Church in Amsterdam-. Our challenge to each other: do you participate? Everyone is needed.


This is the request …

We want to ask from all denominations, churches and Christian networks in Amsterdam

  • Register your church/municipality/network to participate – by email (, WhatsApp (0622197113) or via the website
  • Indicate who you prefer to represent as a representative of your movement as a representative in this prayer meeting (maybe yourself or someone else)
  • Pass the invitation (we will send a flyer (paper and electronic)
  • Zoom/lifestreaming suggestions and support also welcome translators in Spanish and English
  • Pass on possible prayer points.